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Initiative Takween

Initiative Takween

Takween Initiative is regarded as the social and developmental arm of Mideast Group for Projects and Development. It is the pioneering model in leading the local resources and integrating them into the latent manpower through new innovative investment formulas that suit the crises. It also practically translates the different positive look of what the societies possess of resources to achieve self-rebirth  and a controlled gradual success and easy disintegration of crises and participatory entrance to real resistance development. 
Takween works harmoniously and in a controlled way to achieve qualitative developmental, social, and economic objectives that are top priorities to reach the level of benefit from the various local resources. These objectives work in full power of the developmental responsibility towards society by possessing innovative tools and qualitative solutions that suit the nature, the ability, and the level of material, human, living reality local resources logically that harmonize with the power of crises. The level will also realize broader fields of job opportunities, direct and constant working integrally and with self-entrepreneurship that transcend challenges and create economic recovery. 

Takween Work
Takween Initiative is based on a series of qualitative and pioneering programs that have new innovative economic and investment formulas that suit the reality of the Palestinian society to create a self-rebirth that can achieve a qualitative contribution in the resistance development in a reality of cute crises. It relies on the philosophy of development and work in the positive areas to lead the local resources and the change to the culture of vertical development according to the needs, which guarantee the progress of the environmental, cultural, and Palestinian economy under the crises to ensure a natural and sound entrance to the stages of a distinguished economic and social growth.
Takween Initiative provides a package of qualitative services for the Palestinian investment, institutional, and economic sector that can meet its needs of new innovative formulas suitable for our crises and local reality economically, culturally, and socially. This is meant to carry the society from weakness and economic fragility to a distinguished level of economic recovery, controlled disintegration of this fragility by harnessing locally-owned resources in a new and qualitative way that represents an innovative investment formula. This can also happen by reviving their ability to produce and monitor the rewarding revenues and giving them the expansion needed from the financial, economic, and developmental revenues through a controlled liaison with a clear and trusted course for success, and through verification and preliminary provision of marketing outlets as a developed step other than the steps of construction and establishment of the new and innovative economic formulas. Moreover, the above-mentioned achievement can also occur by a systematized adoption of the expanded procedures engineering of work and the integration of local manpower in terms of scientific, technical, craft, and administrative experiences that are specialized and professional. This will make the results and outputs triangle of the important, basic, and necessary needs of society.
The innovative economic formulas work in many cases on collecting the owned and diverse local resources to create a complete entrepreneurship to form a uniform project and system that represent a new and unified formula for successful investment that meets the needs of big classes of society representing a long term and continuous market and a big gate to increase the capacity of the innovative economic formula to adapt to the situations, living reality, and participation in development and playing as a driving force to achieve the focal economic recovery in their specialty.

The most important tools of Takween
- PBANK, the innovative financial bank incubator for the pioneers of developmental investment connected with local resources.
It is an innovative tool that represents a vital and safe source of financial service package that represent a new formula in a specialized semi-bank field to manage the financial resources of qualitative investment and form the establishing budgets of the new investment formulas suitable for the crises in the framework of self-construction. This can ensure safety, protection, and removal of risks. PBANK relies on a package of procedures and flexible policies that can meet the ambition of businessmen, investors, establishments, and the different development programs affiliated to it. PBANK works according to a special philosophy by presenting the new investment formulas as a reality and a living model liable to direct assessment to grant the affiliated sector to PBANK a broad flexibility and a direct reading of the success indices through the policies of owning the safe investment formulas, or part of them, or realizing a partial revenue that reinforces the expansion of their traditional investment revenues that can be affected by crises.

- PROBANK, the incubator of the new economic formulas suitable for crises.
It is the main source and innovative and developmental tool for the new formulas of investment and economy that suit the crises of the Gaza Strip. It adopts monitoring all the main resources available and owned by the local society, experiences, youth, and social potential with its fields and characteristics. It also works on reconsidering them and developing the way to lead them along with the processes and courses of benefiting from them in building economic and investment formulas suitable for all the existing crises. It will be protected against the negative effects of the crises and will be able to succeed by meeting the direct demands of society and the needs of the different sectors. It has the full and direct capacity to integrate into the local potential and achieve big working opportunities and direct and constant work for the different youth and social classes that represent the total of the potential that is able to work in the Gaza Strip.

KNOWINCU,  the incubator of knowledge and experiences- the gathering of local pioneering experiences and potentials.
It is a broad domain organizing the distinguished, pioneering, and knowledgeable tools to document the limits of Palestinian knowledge, experiences, and proficiencies both inside and outside. It also draws the course of trust and high-level professional work in all the programs and formulas that are new to work. It relies on collecting and participating all the local experiences in terms of science, vocation, economy, administration, and production in the different sectors of local Palestinian society:  individuals, institutions, specialized centers and universities. It, moreover, integrates systematically all the experiences and proficiencies that have left great and distinguished marks on their specialization, works, and successes, which also reached the stage of retirement that provides them the full chance to save time and effort to serve society and participate in building the recovery system pertaining society, culture, and economy through the increase of social responsibilities that provide businesses their distinguish, power, efficiency, and control over their balanced details towards sustainability, real achievement, and integrated remedy for the new formulas to overcome the turns of local crises.