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About Us

Mideast Group for Projects and Development 

MG is a pioneering company in the field of development investment, developing local resource management, working remotely, creating investment forms and available alternatives appropriate to crises.Established in the year 2008, working for a self-economic recovery, we built a series of pilot programs that stimulate sustainable work in local resources and the internet to enable them to intervene actually in economic recovery. Our services and projects work in full conformity with the need to provide indicators of the need for different education and training outputs, for sustainability and access to achieving a significantly higher level of beneficiaries' experience and raise their competence to achieve rewarding returns, stability, and progress in labor markets.  We have a development arm represented by the “Takween” initiative, which is the pioneering model in integrating local resources and the internet with the potential human force.

Our Vision

Achieving a development investment system that creates a new
structure for a sustainable economic sector.

Our Message

We build the effort to the maximum of knowledge to develop
and sustain the sectors of remote work and the emerging youth economies on an
innovative basis.

Why Us

We have a professional resource management training facility.
We provide innovative solutions and the best experts.
We develop youth business infrastructure.
Our team is specialized in reviving the small production sector and working remotely.
We manage a unified system of work to achieve inevitable successes.
We adopt modern management and work with strict standards to achieve quality.
We enable beneficiaries to fulfill commitments made for their expertise and returns.
Show young people what they are able to do and make it possible.
We work according to an effectively professional hierarchy in searching for ideas and unexplored concepts to create job opportunities.

Our Goals

    Building systems for investment solutions appropriate to crises
    Promoting the trend for optimal use of local resources and the Internet
    Creating new innovative models for 
    remote electronic work areas
    Developing a sustainable development work environment for university outputs and training programs

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